Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Protect your business success.

Being fully focused on your business contributes to your success—but it can also lead to blind spots. Opal Wealth Advisors helps you work through them, analyzing your business as an investment and assisting with financial and growth planning. This may include advising on your company culture, vision, mission, and core values statement.

Plan to achieve more.

Proper planning is fundamental to controlling your business outcomes and securing your future. Opal helps you identify opportunities and challenges. We create a detailed plan, aligning workplace decisions with personal financial objectives. As you work toward your goals, we actively support you with performance coaching and accountability.

Prepare for transitioning.

Getting your business ready for sale or succession is an ongoing process that’s vitally important to your financial future. Through detailed exit planning, we help you develop a clear vision of where you want to go next, and an actionable roadmap for getting there. You’ll receive a clear picture of what must be addressed to achieve your intended goals after our thorough examination of your business’s value drivers and valuation gaps.

Execute your exit plan effectively.

Your customized exit strategy is designed to minimize risks and optimize value. We select and coordinate a team of banking, legal, and tax advisors. They oversee the details to make sure the sale structure maximizes your benefit, while smoothly integrating with your retirement and estate planning.

Develop effective retirement plans.

Retirement strategies go hand in glove with exit planning. Ensuring that you have adequate resources for lifelong security may require establishing a diversified 401(k) or a pension plan. In addition to guiding your personal retirement scenario, we help you establish and implement employee plans. Your workforce learns to make successful retirement decisions through our comprehensive education program.