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You understand the importance of emotion. So do we. That makes for a natural connection. Unlike most other wealth management firms, Opal Wealth Advisors knows that financial decisions are largely driven by emotion, not logic. Research proves this, but we know it from the experience of working with people like you, every day. We’ve pioneered a successful process for achieving financial success, even when dealing with extreme earning fluctuations. After helping you clarify goals and commit to a roadmap, we work with you to reshape your money habits and emotions so you can stick with your plans and achieve them.

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Knowing that emotions are the key to fulfilling your vision of the good life does not make us muddled about the importance of analyzing data. We’re in the forefront with state-of-the art tech tools. Our highly credentialed and experienced team expertly addresses all of your complex personal and business concerns—from taxation and wealth planning to business transactions and intellectual property matters. And everything is handled with careful regard for your celebrity and your privacy.