Individual Investors

Freely navigate the stages of your financial life.

Growth, preservation and transfer are fundamental stages for every investor, but at Opal Wealth Advisors we believe the most important stage of all is enjoyment. That’s why we deliver the same level of services to individual investors that most advisors reserve for multi-family offices. Our attentiveness frees you to focus on enjoying what really matters to you—throughout your entire financial life cycle.

Stage 1: Wealth Accumulation

Grow, diversify and preserve your assets.

As an Opal client, you’ll be helped to clarify goals, overcome obstacles and make lasting improvements in your financial habits. Together we build a financial life plan that includes growing and protecting your investments. You’re empowered to achieve all of your educational, lifestyle and family objectives.

Stage 2: Financial Independence

Retire and enjoy independence.

Through sound wealth management and improved financial habits, the assets you’ve saved begin generating the same—or more—income as produced by working. At this stage, you’re free to pursue your passions. We focus on making sure your assets continue to provide you with the support you need to enjoy your particular version of the good life.

Stage 3: Wealth Transfer

Create a lasting legacy.

By supporting the people and causes you value most, you leave a lasting imprint on the future—so transferring your wealth must be done with the utmost care. You want to minimize your tax burden and maximize the amounts you can apply to your legacy wishes. Opal guides you through this very meaningful part of your financial life.