Professional Athletes

Make the most of your high-earning years.

Professional athletes like you typically have brief careers. And during your peak earning years as a player, your training and performance schedules demand your full-time attention. To maintain your lifestyle and secure your financial future, you need trusted guidance and sound planning. Opal Wealth Advisors engages with you on a personal level, explaining financial complexities in clear terms that real people understand. We’ll help you develop a solid game plan that includes laying groundwork for transitioning to a new career.

Set goals and secure your future.

A financial roadmap is essential to lifelong success. Your roadmap must also steady you against the extremes of sudden wealth at a young age, a lack of job security, and fluctuating income levels. Opal uses our skills to help you make good financial decisions. We guide you through the goal-setting process, advise on investment strategies, and help you manage the risks that come with being a professional athlete. Our goal for you is the same as it is for any other client—setting you securely on your pathway to financial freedom, joy and abundance.