Gary Weingarten Relationship Manager

Gary Weingarten brings a sense of enthusiasm to everyday tasks. Going out of his way to resolve any challenge is his default setting. When interacting with clients to handle operational needs, he’ll do whatever it takes to deliver the help they require. Gary routinely seeks to improve anything and everything—from technology processes to office furniture—in ways that simplify workflows or make people more comfortable.

Our goal at Opal is to make sure every client knows how much we care. Our attention to detail is meticulous. Whatever our clients need, we make sure it’s done right.

A co-owner of Verlaine Bar and Lounge in New York City for the past 20 years, Gary joined Opal in 2021. Previously, he served as a community affairs associate in the Queens District Attorney’s office and as a New York elementary school teacher.

Gary earned a bachelor’s degree in education from Hofstra University and a master’s degree in international affairs from The New School in New York City. Deeply passionate about human rights work, he is especially dedicated to helping gain freedom for those who have been wrongly imprisoned. He’s also an avid photojournalist who loves traveling. Gary has visited five continents to explore other countries and cultures.

Gary Weingarten portrait

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