Portfolio Stress Testing

Identify and Adjust for Downside Risks

Imagine being able to see potential impacts on your portfolio before they occur. Opal’s portfolio stress testing tool develops what-if scenarios for economic events and shows how they might affect your investment mix. By understanding your portfolio’s possible reactions, you can make better-informed decisions about managing risks and opportunities.

How will your portfolio perform under various conditions?

Our innovative tool uses economic research, historical records, statistical data, and quantitative analysis to measure millions of relationships between the economy and your investments. You can explore 90+ scenarios including an oil crash, a China slowdown, and out-of-control healthcare costs. You can also build custom scenarios based on your specific concerns.

Real life modeling of market risks and protections offers many benefits:

  • See how your portfolio might react to sudden volatility
  • Identify hidden market dangers and triggers
  • Discover whether your asset allocation is right for you
  • Receive valuable information about past market trends
  • Pinpoint appropriate risk mitigation solutions

Stay on track to achieve your goals with an optimized investment strategy.

When you request a complimentary stress test, your results will be reported in a highly visual summary. Using this information, we can work together on strategic adjustments. By evaluating portfolio risks and opportunities, you’re much better able to make prudent planning and investment decisions.

Stress test your portfolio to better position yourself for financial success.

Be sure to describe your investments in the optional section so you can see how your portfolio might react to specific macro events.

Test My Portfolio

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