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Opal Wealth Advisors has a recognized expertise in helping the best advisors get even better. We provide a broad range of supportive resources to help your clients design and implement their personal pathway to a fulfilling life—what we call the Opal Wealthcare Experience.

Meet clients’ changing expectations with our forward-thinking approach.

Our profession is changing rapidly. We believe that helping clients modify their financial behaviors to achieve improved results will be a future measure of success. Opal has pioneered a proprietary approach called Opal Essence that effectively guides clients through the necessary steps for living their individualized version of financial freedom, joy and abundance.

Deliver a more valuable client experience that’s free of restrictions.

Our independent, Total Access model breaks the connections between capital markets research, financial advice, products and services, and who holds the money. This eliminates any conflicts of interest so everyone is on the same side of the table, building client success—together.

Opal’s Total Access model lets you offer clients the
best options on the market.

Description TOTAL ACCESS Opal Model vs. LIMITED ACCESS Wirehouse Model
Advisory and planning solutions Provided by Opal Wealth Advisors, who make their own selections and decisions Provided by wirehouse employees limited by institutional policies
Financial products Supplied by independent providers chosen by Opal Wealth Advisors across the full range of opportunities May be proprietary to wirehouse and subject to the potential for bias
Financial services and reporting Supplied by independent providers selected by Opal across the full range of opportunities Proprietary to wirehouse and subject to the potential for bias
Technology platform, research, and analysis Supplied by independent providers selected by Opal based on proven effectiveness and leading-edge capabilities Proprietary to wirehouse and subject to institutional inertia
Custodial maintenance of client accounts Accounts maintained by Schwab or other qualified custodian of your choice Accounts maintained by wirehouse putting objectivity into question

Add value to client relationships with Opal Performance Coaching.

Our well-respected performance coach has been helping successful individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs and families break through limitations for over 25 years. Available for weekly sessions with advisors, our coach will also speak at client and prospect meetings or events—a uniquely empowering experience that highlights your total commitment to client well-being.

Grow your existing client base with help from our proven solutions.

Opal Wealth Advisors provides you with business development assistance, including opportunities to participate in client and prospect networking events. You’ll also be able to:

  • Welcome your clients with an access portal that’s as advanced as it is user friendly.
  • Enhance client conversations with powerful technologies that save time and energy.
  • Work with experts to customize portfolios designed to deliver returns that achieve client goals while minimizing risk.
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art office space, professional administrative staff, robust benefits and a highly competitive pay structure.

Choose from multiple affiliation models to suit your own objectives.

Opal offers a collaborative environment where you are respected, appreciated and helped to succeed. We are open to an assortment of business arrangements that facilitate our ability to grow together. These include becoming an Opal employee, being an independent contractor with your own brand, or choosing a pathway to partnership.

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