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Opal Wealth Advisors has a recognized expertise in helping the best advisors get even better. We coach you on how to inspire clients to join you, and we guide you as you grow your practice. You are provided with all the resources and support you need to relieve stress and deliver more for clients.

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Meet clients’ changing expectations with our forward-thinking approach.

Our profession is changing rapidly. We believe that helping clients clarify their goals and achieve improved results will be a future measure of success. Opal teaches you our proven approach to financial planning called the Opal Way. It can help you deepen relationships, increase referrals, and create meaningful change in people’s lives.


Deliver a more valuable client experience that’s free of restrictions.

By going independent with Opal, you’re able to offer top-notch client service, support, and technologies as well as open platform investment options and strategies. Opal is also a fiduciary, so your client’s best interest always come first. Everyone is on the same side of the table, building success—together.

Becoming a registered investment advisor offers autonomy and flexibility.

Description Banks & Broker-Dealer vs. Independent RIAs
Product Selection Traditionally must use only firm-approved products. Advisor can use products that best benefit the client.
Represents The “Seller” side of the transaction—The Firm. The “Buyer” side of the transaction—The Client.
Advice Eligible to only give incidental advice about the products he/she distributes. Eligible to give comprehensice advice including financial planning.
Payment By the Company, normally in the form of a commission. By the Client, in the form of a fee.
Incentives May include revenue sharing, bonus and trips provided by firm(s). Mutually benefit by growing your accounts, have “skin in the game.”

Create trusted client relationships with full support from your Opal team.

At Opal, you’re supported by a highly responsive service team consisting of both a relationship manager and client service associate. So you can spend the quality time it takes to deliver an exceptional client experience. Our expert practitioners expedite paperwork completion, schedule client meetings, and process new accounts for your clients.


Grow your existing client base with help from our proven solutions.

Opal Wealth Advisors provides you with business development assistance, including opportunities to participate in client and prospect networking events. You’ll also be able to:

  • Enhance client conversations with powerful technologies that save time and energy.
  • Work with experts to customize portfolios built to achieve goals while minimizing risk.
  • Enjoy professional administrative staff and a highly competitive pay structure.
  • Identify and craft a strategy and plan to win over the niche markets you can best serve.
  • Work with an executive coach on mastering FinTech, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready for a firm that supports you all the way?

At Opal, you get the benefits of running your own business without all the hassles—and with the added boost of an expert team to collaborate with!

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