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6 Tips for Women in Business to Manage Multiple Income Streams

As we celebrate Women's History Month, we're reminded of the significant strides women have made across various sectors, particularly in business. Despite the progress, women in the workforce continue to navigate unique challenges in achieving financial stability and… more

5 Ways to Boost Your Security Against ID and Credit Card Theft

A week hardly passes without news of credit card and identity theft. Here are some security measures you can take, including some you’ve not likely heard of before now. A few years ago, I was sitting down to… more

5 Smart Money Moves to Make in 2024

If getting a fresh start on your financial well-being is one of your top priorities for the new year, you’ve got plenty of company. In a recent Forbes Health/One Poll survey, “improve finances” was the second most commonly… more

5 Tips to Maximize Your Charitable Giving

Charitable giving is an important piece of wealth management. It’s about aligning your wealth with your values to support causes that are meaningful to you. There are many ways to do that—and some are more tax-efficient than others.… more

12 Simple Year-End Tax Planning Tips to Consider Now

Tax planning may not be top of mind this time of year, but giving it some thought can help maximize your long-term savings and boost your retirement nest egg. It isn’t something that needs to take a lot… more

Retirement Planning for Small Business Owners

Many small business owners tend to be self-starters. Instead of waiting around for the right opportunity to come their way, they tend to create it themselves. That entrepreneurial spirit could be one of your greatest assets, but making… more

Tax-Smart Ways to Save for College

September is National College Savings month. Saving for college is a top financial priority for most parents, but it’s easy to overlook one very important detail—the ways that saving for college could impact your taxes. How you save… more

5 Smart Money Moves to Make When You’re Suddenly Single After 50

Finding yourself suddenly single can be challenging at any age, especially if you were partnered for a long time. That’s what inspired us to create Opal’s Divorce and Money Guide. But those who are nearing retirement age (or… more

7 Tips to Help Maximize Your 401(k) Returns

With a 401(k), your contributions are tax-deductible, and you might get an employer match to boot. You also won’t be taxed until you make withdrawals in retirement. Many 401(k)s are set up as target-date funds, meaning they automatically… more