The Complete Charitable Giving Tools Guide

As a donor, are you aware of the many different ways you can give—and the tax benefits of each one?

Our Complete Guide to Charitable Giving for Donors shows you 11 of the top ways to use your wealth to support causes you care about. Charitable giving is rewarding in itself, but there can also be significant financial perks involved for donors.

Align your wealth with your passion and values to give in a way that feels right for you.

There isn’t one tried-and-true approach to charitable giving, which is why our guide provides you with comprehensive breakdowns of different options.

Download our comprehensive guide now and we’ll also include the Opal Legacy Workbook and Charitable Gift Planning Checklist.

  • Understand different charitable tools.
  • Evaluate what’s best for your long-term financial goals and legacy.
  • See how to best support the causes you believe in.

By learning about various charitable giving options, you can determine what’s appropriate for you and do something meaningful with your wealth.

One more thing: some charitable tools are more complex than others. It can be very helpful to speak with an experienced financial advisor who can offer you guidance and direction.

Schedule a free consultation with one of our trusted advisorsDon’t miss this time-limited opportunity for developing a charitable giving plan to guide your philanthropy and help build your legacy!

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