Portfolio Risk Analysis

Manage Risk to Achieve Your Goals

There’s a way to estimate how much risk you should take to reach your objectives. It’s based on research that won a Nobel Prize for Economics.1 So you don’t have to rely on how you feel about risk. We use this research, as well as information that you provide to us about your circumstances, to help us estimate the amount of risk versus return that’s right for you.

Your Risk Number® is your simple answer to the complex question of risk.

Your personal Risk Number is an unbiased, quantitative measurement of your true risk tolerance. Knowing that, we can help turn the fear of losses into the confidence to make the right decisions. Together, we are able to match the risk in your portfolio to your personal Risk Number.

Aligning your portfolio’s Risk Number with your personal Risk Number offers many benefits such as:

  • Properly balancing your portfolio for times of market volatility
  • Discovering the right asset allocation for reaching your goals
  • Assessing projections for potential gains and losses
  • Allowing you to feel comfortable with expected outcomes
  • Visualizing risk/reward profiles for individual investments

Live your dreams with an optimized investment strategy.

After taking a short quiz, you’ll receive your personal Risk Number. You’ll also receive data about probable gains and losses for your current portfolio. Working with this information, we’ll suggest strategic adjustments so you’re better positioned on your personal pathway to financial freedom, joy and abundance.

Discover your personal Risk Number in minutes!

Keep yourself on the right track to realize your future dreams by pinpointing how much you’re willing to risk to achieve them.

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1In 2002, Princeton University psychologist Daniel Kahneman, PhD was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economic Sciences for his work on Prospect Theory.
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